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Three Tips to Help You Understand Smith Mountain Lake Real Estate

smith mountain lake real estateSmith Mountain Lake real estate is in a wonderful place. The economy is strengthening nationwide, home values are rising, the local economy is thriving and buyers are ready to buy!

If you are one of the many soon-to-be Smith Mountain Lake real estate buyers starting your property search, you may find yourself a little overwhelmed by all of the possibilities. But at Deb Beran Properties, we happen to have the best lake expert around to help you out with three tips for understanding Smith Mountain Lake’s real estate scene.

1. Pick Your Home Priorities

It may seem like a no-brainer, but starting your home search before you spend time choosing your priorities will quickly become much more stressful than it needs to be. In fact, many homebuyers give up looking altogether because looking before you really know what you want only leads to wasted time and frustration.

Before you jump online to search the Smith Mountain Lake MLS or leap into the car to take a self-guided tour, sit down with a blank piece of paper and pick your priorities. You and your spouse or other family members will need to decide how much space you’ll need, what rooms or amenities are most important, what style of home you love, what conveniences are most desired, and so on. The list may be lengthy, but it will help you eliminate any unnecessary stops along the way.

An experienced real estate agent knows exactly what to ask and say to help you know what is highest on the list, so don’t hesitate to let them help with this part of the process.

2. Navigate the Neighborhoods

Smith Mountain Lake real estate offers a wide variety of neighborhoods and communities. They may look similar, but the benefits, restrictions, development and amenities are all very different from one to the next.

Some of the golf communities at SML are public, some are private. Some of the HOA communities are highly regulated, some are loosely guided. Some homes are under no type of restriction, but they do have lake access and the option to join a nearby country club.

Don’t fall in love with a house that is in a community you will end up despising. Learn the community along with the house and choose a location where both are ideal for you.

3. Test the Water(front)

Some lake lovers may find it hard to believe, but residents often prefer a lake access property over a home on the waterfront. There are advantages and disadvantages to each option, but the important thing is to know what you prefer before you start your Smith Mountain Lake real estate search.

Smith Mountain Lake waterfront homes for sale are available in many shapes and sizes. And while you may think you’re ready for water frontage, a dock and shoreline management, it can sometimes be more work than some buyers realize. On the other hand, lake access homes may keep you from enjoying the lake to its fullest, and you may later decide being right on the water is worth the extra upkeep.

Test the waterfront ideal versus the lake access opportunities to see which one fits your desires and lifestyle best.

For an even better understanding of Smith Mountain Lake real estate and what property options are the best for you and your family, contact Deb Beran Properties now.

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