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Smith Mountain Lake Living – the Great Escape

cars-road-mountains-drivingIn the midst of the busyness of life – especially this time of year – you may be prone to wonder if Smith Mountain Lake living would provide you with the permanent escape you often wish for. After a while, the traffic and crowds of larger cities and towns can inspire an ongoing longing for a more peaceful experience that lasts longer than your annual vacation. The kind of experience residents of a country lake like Smith Mountain Lake get to have all the time.

A recent article on realtor.com elaborates on several benefits of a country setting, which anyone accustomed to Smith Mountain Lake living would readily agree with. Check out these perks of trading urban life for the open spaces and fresh air of a more rural location.

The Nurture of Nature

There’s a “back to nature” trend sweeping the country in terms of food, product ingredients and activity. Smith Mountain Lake living complements this philosophy and lifestyle extremely well by putting residents in the middle of a natural setting, which heightens the mood and creates countless physical benefits. SML is in the midst of farm country where access to organic, naturally-grown farm fresh food is as easy as a trip to one of the many farmer’s markets or locally grown sections of the grocery store. Homegrown dairy products, wine, beer and meats are also right down the road for most locals.

Slower Pace = Less Stress

It doesn’t take a slew of scientific studies to know that too much stress is simply not good for you, especially when it lasts over a long period. Busy, high-traffic areas may be exciting at times but prolonged exposure can raise your stress levels and take a toll on overall physical and mental health. Smith Mountain Lake living lends toward a slower pace, which means less stress on your body and mind. Even high-pressure situations don’t feel as burdensome here where the beauty and peacefulness of the surroundings are natural stress-busters.

Breathing Room for the Budget

If you’ve ever visited Smith Mountain Lake, you may have been impressed by the pristine residential developments and number of large homes, but don’t let the quality fool you into thinking it’s an expensive area. In a country setting like ours, the budget goes further thanks to low taxes and an overall lower cost of living. The properties at Smith Mountain Lake come in a wide range of affordability and what may have bought you limited square footage in a larger town could likely get you a good deal more here. Smith Mountain Lake living means breathing room for the budget, another reason it’s good for your overall health and lifestyle to live at our beautiful lake community.

For more information on the benefits of Smith Mountain Lake living, contact Deb Beran today!

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