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Is a Smith Mountain Lake Homeowners Association Right For You?

homeowners associationIf you’re buying at Smith Mountain Lake, chances are you’ll have to choose whether you want to live with or without a homeowners association. Plenty of SML neighborhoods leave the community governing to homeowners themselves, and plenty of communities, including most luxury waterfront communities, have an HOA in place to keep the area uniform. Here, the neighborhoods with HOAs vary quite a bit in standards, restrictions and benefits, so its good to speak to a local real estate agent like Deb Beran about it before settling on a home in the community.

realtor.com offers a brief list of pros and cons for those considering an HOA community, and here at Deb Beran Properties, we encourage our clients to know what they may benefit from with an HOA, and understand the requirements of living in such a neighborhood before buying a Smith Mountain Lake home in an HOA development.

If you’ve never lived under an HOA and you’re uncertain about what they’re even for, this may help

HOAs often enforce certain standards of appearance and curb appeal, created by the developer or the earliest tenants. Rules vary but are typically applied to home exterior design and materials, driveways, lawn maintenance and general upkeep. Some HOAs require prior approval for major alterations. This can give the homebuyer who can’t stand a neglected neighborhood, and like a certain look and style across the community, peace of mind.

HOAs may hire local professionals to give homeowners outdoor maintenance and services such as lawn care, snow and leaf removal and trash pickup. Homeowners, like many second homebuyers at Smith Mountain Lake, who are out of town may need this kind of benefit to help with upkeep of the property while they’re gone.

Dispute management is often handled by an HOA, preventing need for local government intervention and can help settle a matter more quickly than two neighbors dealing with it on their own. In issues of noise levels, clutter, out of control pets and property lines, the HOA may act as a first line of defense for homeowners who are bothered by a neighbor’s behavior.

HOAs usually do require fees, and some can have strict policies, but for the homeowner who expects a well governed community, it can be a worthwhile system of support, adding to the homebuyer’s desire to live there.

Contact Deb Beran Properties for more information on Smith Mountain Lake’s homeowners associations and the lake communities that offer them.

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