Maxine Moving Truck

Buy or Sell with the Beran Group and use Maxine, our 15-foot moving truck for free!

maxine-moving-truck-1Our clients and local charity organizations alike have put our heavy-lifting team member, Maxine, to good use all around Smith Mountain Lake. Clients can use Maxine to make the moving process easier, and the truck is often lent to area charities such as the Discovery Shop, Lake Christian Ministries and the annual Smith Mountain Lake Charity Home Tour.

Maxine is a 15-foot bed truck large enough to fit furniture and bulky items but is not difficult to drive and maneuver. She is available for moves within a 300-mile radius around Smith Mountain Lake.

“Dear Deb,

Thank you so much for loaning your fabulous truck to SML Good Neighbors., Inc, so we could retrieve the furniture for our interns. We were very fortunate that Larry lives next door to Dave! We had talked about pick-up truck and trailers, but your truck was terrific. Our community is fortunate and benefits from your generosity! Thank you for your dedication to those in need!”

– Fondly, SML Good Neighbors

Special Thanks

maxine-moving-truck-2We’d like to thank several local businesses who sponsor Maxine and the lake community along with us, including:

Please consider supporting these local businesses in appreciation of their ongoing contribution to Smith Mountain Lake charities. If you are a local business owner who would like to aid the community by sponsoring Maxine, contact us at 540-721-1488 or email Deb.