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Make Your Home Renovation Count

home renovationIn our last blog post, we talked about making this your season for a Smith Mountain Lake home renovation. We covered several reasons why there’s no time like the present for the home renovation you’ve been wanting. Now that you’ve decided to take the leap, you need to choose which projects are the most important and add the most value to your Smith Mountain Lake property. So we’re getting some inspiration from this video on Best Remodeling Investments from realtor.com to help us choose what will really count as you tackle that home renovation you’ve longed for.

Kitchen Kick-Off

Most real estate experts agree that the kitchen is prime space in any home. It’s where occupants tend to spend the most time and where guests are expecting to be impressed. Plus, a fantastic kitchen motivates you to cook rather than go out, which is best for your waistline and budget. And it can become a natural gathering space for the family, which encourages togetherness. If you’re going to put your home renovation money into any project, make it the kitchen.

Beautify the Bathroom

The second best home renovation project is a bathroom, particularly one guests will use most or your master bath. The bathroom may not seem like a particularly important room to enhance but it does get considerable use and can add a luxuriousness to your home you wouldn’t expect. Everyone loves a special place for pampering and you and your guests will benefit from more beautiful and more useful bathroom spaces.

Energy Efficiency

As our nation prioritizes green living more and more, energy efficiency has become a hot topic and in high demand for real estate. Before you set your sights on a larger master suite or finishing the basement, consider making your home more energy efficient. Updating appliances and adding insulation, new windows or a new roof can help you save money each month, maybe money you can put toward more home renovation in the future.

For more ideas on how to make your home renovation count at Smith Mountain Lake, talk to us at Deb Beran Properties.

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