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Love Your Smith Mountain Lake Home

smith mountain lake homeWith Valentine’s Day falling right in the middle of the month, February feels like a great time to talk about a different kind of romance – the love you have for your Smith Mountain Lake home. Maybe you recently bought a home at SML and are still puppy-love smitten, or perhaps you’re a longtime Smith Mountain Lake homeowner who couldn’t imagine life anywhere else. Either way, it’s a great time to make some vows to your home to keep the love alive for years to come.

At Deb Beran Properties, we’re excited about helping homebuyers like you get the home you’ve fallen for, and keep the love alive. So we borrowed from our favorite Valentine’s Day traditions to inspire you to keep it that way.

Set The Mood, with Better Lighting

A candlelit dinner is instantaneously more romantic, and the lighting in your home can make a big difference in how you feel about it. Learn what light settings you prefer and where a few additional pendants or wall sconces may enhance the elegant glow of the whole space. Choose light bulbs with wattage you prefer and ask an expert from a local lighting store to help you learn a few tricks of the trade.

Bring Home a Bright Bouquet

Your significant other may not be the only flower lover you know. A fresh bouquet, pretty hanging basket or greenery can make the exterior of your home really glow. A local horticulture expert at a greenhouse or farm stand can help you pick out what will work best for you and your Smith Mountain Lake home.

Acknowledge Anniversaries

As a Smith Mountain Lake home owner, you aren’t likely to take the beauty of the surroundings or having a house here for granted, and the crafts, photos and growth charts collected through it all can help. Remember the day you found the Smith Mountain Lake home you love by doing something fun at home as a family, taking time to look back through mementos and appreciating the place you’ve called home through it all.

For more ideas on how to love your Smith Mountain Lake home, or buy or sell at Smith Mountain Lake, contact us at Deb Beran Properties today.

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