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Less than Full Pond

SML damnWhy does Smith Mountain Lake’s water levels fluctuate? Currently the lake is just about 3 feet low or less than “full pond.”

The lake is considered to be at full pond when the water is at 795 feet above sea level, at the moment it is right about 792 feet above sea level. Lack of adequate rainfall in the past few months is majorly the culprit.  July, August and September are historically known to be the area’s dry months, and this year was no different. During, AEP’s power generation cycle, the water levels can be noticeably lower in some coves, shoals and shallow areas of the lake. The power generation cycle occurs when water stored in Smith Mountain Lake first passes through turbine-generators in the powerhouse to produce electricity and is then discharged into Leesville Lake. From there, some water is released through the Leesville Dam or pumped back into Smith Mountain Lake.

What does this mean for you? During these times when the water level is lower here at the lake, boaters are advised to use extra caution and go slower speeds especially around shorelines, noted shoal areas and during periods of low light.

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