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The Choice to Buy or Build on Your Smith Mountain Lake Property

Smith Mountain Lake PropertyFor buyers searching for the perfect Smith Mountain Lake property, it often comes down to a choice between an existing house and custom building. Homes here come in every size, style and price range, but building on a Smith Mountain Lake lot or land has its advantages.

Chances are there is a house in a gorgeous waterfront development or lake access neighborhood that meets almost all of your needs. A lot of Smith Mountain Lake properties consist of homes built to personal preferences, whether for an individual family or by a builder who knows what lake home buyers are looking for. But if you’ve shopped for a while and are still coming up dry, purchasing a lot or land to build your dream house on may be the best choice. But since building takes considerably more commitment than moving right in to something already built, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons carefully.

What Are The Advantages to Custom Building at Smith Mountain Lake?

Custom building your Smith Mountain Lake home means you will get personalized design and style choices, plus the advantage of making lasting community connections. You get to be the authority on size, layout, materials and what gets priority. You can dictate how your money is being spent according to what you want most in your own home.

Another great advantage is that when you custom build your lake home, you get to have a direct connection with your excavator, builder, plumber, electrician, interior designer, HVAC installer, painting contractor and anyone else working on the property. These relationships may come in handy down the road as you invest in the upkeep of your property.

Many lake area buyers want a home that can accommodate frequent guests. Custom building is a great way to ensure the house is designed to make it easy for family and friends to visit.

Is Smith Mountain Lake A Good Place to Custom Build?

Absolutely. There are custom-built homes in process here all the time and a number of highly qualified builders and contractors available. The area offers a wide selection of home building supplies, specialty suppliers, interior decorating items and professionals who can point you in the right direction.

What are the Disadvantages to Building at Smith Mountain Lake?

The same as anywhere else. Custom building can be a lot of work and requires constant decision making and patience. It is a commitment, but the end result is a home constructed to meet your exact needs.

If you’re considering buying a Smith Mountain Lake property to build on, take a look at our available lots and land options. Then, check out our professional directory for builder recommendations and other home industry professionals.

At Deb Beran Properties, we are here to help you live exceptionally at Smith Mountain Lake!

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